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Pay a Person

Pay a Person is a secure way to send money from your Town & Country checking account to a friend within TCCU Online and the Town and Country CU Mobile App. The best part is Town & Country doesn't charge a fee for members to use Pay a Person, and the person you send money to will also not be charged a fee by Town & Country. 

View our demo to help you get started with using Pay a Person. In the demo, under "Learn how to," click on "Pay a Person" to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a friend money using Pay a Person?

  1. ‚ÄčLog in to the app or TCCU Online.
  2. Pay a Person is located within Bill Pay but can be accessed by choosing "Pay a Person" from the menu.
  3. You'll be asked to read and accept the Online Bill Pay Agreement as part of enrollment in this service.
  4. Select "Pay a Person" from the top blue bar.
  5. Select the method for how you want to send the money: Email or text (electronic), Direct deposit (electronic), or Check (mailed).
  6. Please enter the information for who you are paying, including their first name, last name, how you want to send notifications (text or email), and their nickname.
  7. Enter the account from which you want to pay them and click "Next."
  8. Create a keyword, a password you'll create and share with them, and they will use it to access their money on a secure website. 
  9. If it's the first time you've sent money to this person, you'll need to send them a one-time activation code, and they will need to tell you what that code is.
  10. On the main Payments screen, you'll click the blue "Pay" box by their name after entering the amount you want to pay them.
  11. You'll confirm the payment details and click "Submit."
  12. The recipient will receive an email or text message with instructions on obtaining the money.

Does the person I'm sending money to need to have a Town & Country Credit Union account?

No, you can send money to anyone regardless of where they have an account.

How and when does the person I'm sending a payment to get the money?

After receiving the text or email they will need to follow the prompts asking them for their bank or credit union routing and account numbers. Pay a Person payments are processed through the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) system. Once the money is debited from your account, it is sent to the recipient's account (usually within 1-3 days).

Will the person I am sending money to be able to see my account information?

No, recipients only see that you have sent money to them. Your financial information remains secure. 

What are the limits for dollar amounts in Pay a Person?

Pay a Friend total dollar amount payments are limited to $4,000 per day. If you'd like your limits increased please call us at 1-800-872-6358 or fill out our Contact Us form and we'll call you. 

What happens if I send money, but the recipient doesn't get it?

If you type in an incorrect email address or phone number, the payment can be canceled as long as the payment is still marked as "Pending" within the Activity screen of Pay a Person. To cancel a payment that is labeled as pending, select the transaction and then click "Delete Transfer."

How do I view my Pay a Person history or activity?

Within Pay a Person you can view your History on the right hand side of the screen. 

What happens to unclaimed payments?

If the recipient's email address or mobile phone number is not correctly entered or the recipient does not access the Pay a Person within 10 days, the unclaimed payment will be returned to your account. 

Perfect combo of small town and big city.

To me, Town & Country Credit Union is the perfect combination of small town and big city. It has all the amenities to address my financial needs and at the same time they still have that friendly atmosphere that you get from a small community. They’re always willing to help you with any bumps or any questions that you might have.  They’re always friendly and welcoming. And most importantly they treat you like a family member instead of another client on their list
Carly | Member Since 1986
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