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Respect goes both ways.

I would highly recommend Town & Country mostly because of the people who work there and the friendships we’ve built, and also being able to trust people and the respect for both sides. They respect me as well as I respect them. 
Shane | Member Since 1998
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A helping hand to guide you.

What we value at Swing Barrel is trust and relationships. And we know that we can always call our lender any time to get the answers we need about anything.  I would highly recommend Town & Country to any business. 
Sean | Member Since 2018
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Very quick, easy and friendly.

The value is amazing. It’s like you’re a member of their family. They don’t ever treat you like your questions are a waste of their time. They’re always very quick and very easy and friendly to work with. Even when I bring my children in they don’t treat them like children who know nothing. They ask – ‘How’s your day? How can I help you today?’ – so my kids are also just as happy to go in.
Shannon | Member Since 2020
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Always greet me by name

I just love everyone who works here. I’d absolutely recommend Town & Country to friends and family… they always know who I am, they always greet me by name, and I feel very welcome here.
Margaret | Member Since 2000
Business Owner
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