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Impact Report

We're on a mission larger than finances - to Positively Impact those we serve.

Check out our 2022 Impact Report for a glimpse into everything we've accomplished this past year and how we positively impact our members, employees, and communities.


  • A message from our new President/CEO, Brad Houle. (page 2)
  • We surpassed 25,000 members! (page 6)
  • We introduced the Star Rewards Tracker (page 5)
  • Our youth accounts earned over $35,000 in deposit matches. (page 10)
  • We helped members purchase a total of 1,564 cars. (page 13)
  • We had 100% member satisfaction for mortgage borrowers. (page 14)
  • And so much more!
TCCU 2022 Impact Report

Reliable and Positive.

I chose Town & Country because they are reliable. Town & Country has helped me get a loan for my car and, secondly, to get a loan for my church instruments... It’s always positive anytime I come, so I’m very happy to be with Town & Country.
Titus | Member Since 2019
Non-Profit Leader
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