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EZ2 Save

EZ2 Save® is a FREE debit card program to help you achieve your savings goals. With every debit card purchase, you automatically round up your purchase to the next whole dollar amount, and the difference will transfer into your share savings account.

Here's an example:

  • After a purchase of $3.21 is debited from your account, $0.79 ($4.00 - $3.21) will be transferred from your checking to your savings account later that night.

EZ2 Save is FREE for any Town & Country Credit Union member with a checking account and debit card.* Transfers will be made to your share savings account. There is no need to apply for a new debit card.

*Must qualify for products and services by credit approval.

Sign up and start saving with EZ2 Save!

Always greet me by name

I just love everyone who works here. I’d absolutely recommend Town & Country to friends and family… they always know who I am, they always greet me by name, and I feel very welcome here.
Margaret | Member Since 2000
Business Owner
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