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Advice for Parents

As a parent, you've got a lot on your plate. From ensuring your kids get to practice on time to eating their vegetables at supper, you're also tasked with preparing them for their financial future. While we can't drive, carpool, or help at dinner, we're here to help in the best way we know - providing expert financial advice. We've created a recommended financial timeline for you to reference when asking about your child getting a checking account or even a first car loan. While each child has a path to follow, we hope you'll find our recommendations practical as you help your child learn money management skills and strive for financial independence.

Age 2

Growth Builder CD

Maximize your savings with a Growth Builder CD

Age 3


Bring your child in to make their own deposit

Age 5

College Savings

Research college savings options

Age 13

Debit Card

Open a Checking Account with a debit card

Age 14

Student Visa®

Open a Student Visa and start saving for a first car

Age 15

First Car Loan

Apply for a First Car Loan

Perfect combo of small town and big city.

To me, Town & Country Credit Union is the perfect combination of small town and big city. It has all the amenities to address my financial needs and at the same time they still have that friendly atmosphere that you get from a small community. They’re always willing to help you with any bumps or any questions that you might have.  They’re always friendly and welcoming. And most importantly they treat you like a family member instead of another client on their list
Carly | Member Since 1986
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